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What sets Beaver Den Builders apart from the competitors? It’s simple. Commitment.
Beaver Den is committed to:

  • Integrity– Beaver Den’s owners and employees strive to make moral, ethical, and honest decisions no matter how big or small a decision.
  • Quality– Beaver Den believes that quality is important for every project. Simply put, quality is craftsmanship that lasts.
  • Efficiency– From start to finish, Beaver Den is committed to getting your project completed in a timely manner.
  • Cleanliness– Construction, especially remodeling, can be very stressful for many homeowners due to the dust and inconvenience. Beaver Den is committed to keeping the job site clean to make the construction process as painless as possible.
  • Budget– While it may be hard to stay within budget on some projects, Beaver Den understands budgets and we do our best to keep your project within your budget.
  • Stewardship– Beaver Den is committed to the triple bottom line: People, Profit, and Planet. While some profit is necessary in order for the business to continue to exist, it is not the only focus. Beaver Den Builders and their employees often take time to help out the community. Whether it be donating time to Habitat for Humanity, or taking time to help someone in need, it is part of the culture to give back the community. Protecting the environment is also an essential part of Beaver Den’s culture. Using resources efficiently and properly disposing of waste are just a few of the ways to minimize the ecological impact the construction process can have.
  • Safety– Construction sites can be dangerous places for people who are not trained. Beaver Den takes extra time to make sure projects are safe for both employees and the homeowners. Going the extra mile for safety is never questioned at Beaver Den.
  • Innovation– Moving forward is important to Beaver Den. How do we do this? By constantly learning and using new technologies to help make the building process better. Continually improving building techniques will benefit the customers by having healthier, more energy efficient homes.