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Beaver Den Builders is a family owned and operated business that began in 1985 when John Sr (Dub) and his two sons, Gary and John Jr. decided to go into business for themselves, thus they began Beaver Den, a general contracting and carpentry company. Carpentry in the Deckinga family has a history that can be traced back to the early 1940’s.

Henry Deckinga, the father of John Sr, was born in 1894, but he did not get his start into carpentry until the early 1940’s, the time when World War II was beginning to heat up. John Sr followed his father into carpentry by attending carpentry apprentice school for three years beginning in 1955. Throughout his apprenticeship, Dub worked for C.E. Vanderlaan and continued with B&D Builders. Dub’s brother Art Deckinga also pursued a career in carpentry. The two brothers worked well together and decided to use their gifts and talents go into business for themselves in 1967 as Green Oaks Construction.

The company was quite successful for many years. Dub and Art had five sons growing up in the business. Each worked for Green Oaks as laborers, later becoming carpenters in their own right. With families expanding it became apparent to Dub and his sons, Gary and John Jr that they needed to leave Green Oaks and go into business for themselves. Thus in 1985 – Dub, Gary, and John Jr. started the partnership that became Beaver Den Builders. The main office was originally located in Lockport, Illinois at 159th Street and Bell Road (now officially known as Homer Glen). Today, the main office is located only ten minutes away in Orland Park, Illinois.

The small business started with Dub, Gary, John Jr. and one other employee. However, Beaver Den has continued to grow and has had up to twelve employees working on up to three separate crews. Today, Gary and John Jr. are managing all the projects as well as other daily operations while Dub is still running the main office.